Wide Range of Payment Options

Project Description

Payment Gateway


Ultra-Modern Scalability
Scalable Infrastructure with Maximum Security. Rock solid Reliability with guaranteed 99.9% uptime. We assure you that our services are available and accessible all year round


International Payments
Cards issued outside India can be used to collect payments. Start receiving payments from your international customers. Call us to enable your business

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy Refunds
No hassle refunds. A simple click on Refund button initiates refund. Your refunds will be credited directly into your account / card used at the time of payment. Refunds can be either full or partial. Multiple refunds may be performed on a transaction until the balance of the transaction becomes zero


Authorization Holds
We support Auth only transactions, Capture only transactions and Auth and Capture transactions. Rentals, Travel and Hospitality Industry would like to put a hold on withdrawable balance on debit and credit cards, which becomes unavailable for consumers until it is released or captured by the Merchant